Is Financial Freedom Even Possible?

Is Financial Freedom Even Possible?


An easy way to describe financial freedom would be you walking into any store and buy anything without having to check your bank balance first.

Of being without worry when it comes to your money and how you choose to spend it.

That doesn’t mean walking in and buying a Ferrari, even though for some that are a goal, but walking in and buying groceries and a little extra.

When your son or daughter needs to go on an excursion and you can buy the necessary things without batting an eyelash.

These may seem like small things but are big to others and it will get bigger as you go along. Next thing you know buying the newest phone cash won’t be a problem.

Paying for an entire vacation in a different country won’t be a problem.

And so, with this, you gain financial freedom and improve your quality of life.

Do You Know What It Is To Have Location Freedom?

Do You Know What It Is To Have Location Freedom?



When we are asked what our ideal living arrangement would be most of us would state that we would love to work from home, am I right?

So why not take it one step further and say that you can work from wherever you want.

Location freedom is exactly what it sounds like.

The freedom to choose a location, any location for you to work from. The choice is entirely up to you. And the possibilities endless.

All you need is two simple things. A laptop and an Internet connection. Done. That’s it.

Who wouldn’t want to take the family on a nice vacation and not be required to file for a couple of days off and it is a possibility of being declined.

You don’t have to worry about not receiving those couple days of payment. All because you decide. You decide where to work from and when to work.

What is Time Freedom Really Like?

What is Time Freedom Really Like?


It is impossible to live a life without money – we need it to survive. But let’s change the game and not just survive but live.

We gain money via an exchange, so why do we have to follow acquired rules, do other people’s bidding and sacrifice our valuable time to do just that?

We are moving towards a mostly digitized world and this gives us ample freedom.

Things like the automation of tasks are becoming very widely used. So why can’t you?

This allows you to focus on what you want as a priority.

This can be other tasks, your kid’s sports game that you always miss, a nice dinner, whatever you want.

Because at the end of the day we never get those minutes back.

Time is the one thing everyone wants more of but can’t get. Choose wisely.

And that is what time freedom allows in one word. Choices.

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